Criminal Networks: From Al Capone to Al-Qaeda

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Sociology
Online course through UMass Continuing and Professional Education
Winter 2014
Criminal Networks Syllabus

Chris developed this course through the UMass online fellows program that trains select instructors in online instruction and pedagogy.

Course Description:
Criminal networks is a perspective that examines how people are connected in order to explain group offending, peer influence, and structures of crime and victimization. Students will learn basic social network analysis concepts and apply them to topics such as the Chicago mob, white-collar crime, street gangs, global trafficking, and terrorist cells.

What students said about the course:
“Just noticed that your voice sounds eerily similar to Sarah Koenig, the woman who hosts the Serial podcast produced by WBEZ Chicago and This American Life.”

“Highly knowledgeable in her field and very personable.”