University of California, Davis, Department of Sociology
Fall 2015, Spring 2016
Criminology Syllabus

Course Description:

Sociology 150: Criminology explores theories of crime and crime measurement in the US context. We will apply theories and analyze official crime data in our quest to understand why crime has been dramatically decreasing since the mid-1990s. Our investigation will include units on guns, drugs, the family, gender, immigration, economics, and punishment. This is a team-based learning course.

What UC Davis students said about the course:

“It’s been a real honor and pleasure to work with you. Even when it was a hard class, I really enjoyed it and I can tell that this was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken (and it’s now 5 years in the University!). Thank you for you effort and for encouraging us to do it better. I won’t forget it and I can tell that you made me more interested in Criminology!”

“I have never been one to really do rough drafts and then seriously analyze my paper for errors before conducting a final draft but this experience has totally changed that! I know the paper is short but I love that I have learned how much of a difference it makes when you pay attention to detail and apply those things when writing your final paper. … I know that it is still early in the quarter, but I have already learned a lot from this class and from you, especially. Thank you for being a great instructor and being passionate about what you do! It does not go unnoticed.”

“The strongest feature of the course was the very well-organized structure of the weekly activities. Every time we went into class, we knew right away what to expect out of each class period and how to prepare. Another strong feature that surprisingly helped was the team discussion aspect; I learned so much through collaborating and discussing with my team members, more than I would take away on my own studying. Lastly, what I loved the most was how the TA and Prof Smith was very approachable; this class became one of my favorites because of not just how much I was learning, but also the fact that Professor Smith and TA made themselves readily available for questions and were very clear in their answers and feedback.”

“Team based learning was a great experience, I leaned from others and taught as well. Great course and wonderful teacher.”